The Music of J.B. Lemire

Erimel, Polka for Flute (Op.2)
It's no coincidence that "Erimel," is "Lemire" spelled backwards...

For Orchestre d'Harmonie:
MIDI (40K) sequenced by Brian M. Ames
MIDI (100K) sequenced by Stan Tracy

For Philharmonic Orchestra:
MIDI (71K) sequenced by David Rothschild
(Should be playing in the background)

Adaptation for Flute and Guitar by S.Khorasani: MIDI (22K).

Photo: First page of the score from Erimel's first publication by E. Clot Fils, Lyon. The composer's hand-written note says (I think) "Cette Polka existe pour flûte et piano d'format le présent est colis de l'orchestre" (this polka exists for flute and piano in the present format; [also] the package is for orchestra.